See what our clients are saying about their time with Safe Journeys

Safe Journeys was an extremely effective and refreshing program to take part in. I have taken part and participated in three different program’s for substance abuse, and Safe Journey’s was by far the most effective and compassionate of all them. Naiya is the main reasons specifically. She genuinely cares about her clients and tailors their plans to their needs. What made Safe Journeys so much more effective was the alcohol information life skills (managing finance and stress), and meditation. I have not been to any other facility that has explored all three of these techniques. Further more the one on one sessions were invaluable and my favorite part of this experience. I would highly recommend Naiya and Safe Journeys to anyone in my situation.
Safe Journeys provides an informative, educational treatment program for individuals who abuse alcohol or other drugs. The atmosphere is clam and orderly, rather than clinical or cold. I always felt respected. The focus of the sessions and treatment plan revolves around total body-mind wellness. Classes explore the effects of alcohol and various other drugs and their impact on the human brain and body, bringing awareness of how these drugs distort our thinking and actions. Safe Journeys provides sessions on nutrition, financial well-being, yoga /meditation, etc., indicating that substance abuse may affect many areas of our life and can require rehabilitative attention and actions. Clients of this pregame are asked to read Under the Influence, which is full of great information. In the treatment program at Safe Journeys, the abuser is given respect but is also clearly shown that it is the individual who is responsible for taking action to counter the problem of the substance abuse. It is a great program!
I have learned a lot from Naiya and the group meetings. Naiya has helped me to live in the now not in the past. There is nothing I can do about my past except learn from it. I learned I can plan for the future, but it might not show up the way want it. I have taken this to heart that, to live right now, do what is right today, make good decisions I need now. Eat more than once a day. One of my assignments I have learned to take care of myself, a DUII affects not only was to present the DUII laws to the group. I realized how getting effects me but my friends and family, my work. I learned the Franklin Reality Model how it helped to change my life. I think I use all the learnings every day. I learned to manage my finances better. I learned yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise to help with stress. I use the breathing often. I drank too much and for too long after my wife died. Naiya helped me through the darkest time with my grief with no blame or shame. I Now I can smile and look forward to my life. Naiya helps as she continues to do today. I will continue to work with her on my road to recovery When I came to this treatment I was in a very dark place in my life. I did not need the DUII, but I needed help for the first time in my life, thank God I met Naiya. Thank you very much.
Safe Journeys has helped me in more ways than I expected. When I came into this program, I expected to be called an alcoholic and feel as though I was a loser and I would be put down. Naiya worked with me on more aspects of my life such as my finances relationships with others people and self-care. I felt respected and encouraged. I learned a lot of information on alcohol, the effects of alcohol on me because I am a female and how my nutrition is a factor as well. I learned about managing my stress and nutrition. Deep breathing has helped me to relax I am grateful for everything I have learned and the help I received during this time. I felt this program was very informative, and I learned a lot. I learned that I have to manage my thoughts and learn to be positive in life. This has helped me not to dwell on the negative thoughts and feel miserable. I am doing so much better, and I have a positive attitude towards my life. I am going to continue therapy with Naiya. I am just grateful that I came to this program. Thank you Naiya.
To be honest, I was so angry and bitter to cough all this money to go through a class telling me I messed up. The truth is, this is probably one of the greatest moments of my life. Before, my self-esteem (lack thereof and anger controlled everything in my life. Now I’m able to focus on my behavior, and I am more self-aware of when I’m negative. My self-esteem has grown so much, and I feel like I can do anything. Overall, this has been a huge growing experience Thank you, Naiya.
My experience at Safe Journeys. I have got to tell you this treatment was absolutely an amazing experience for me. My counselor was great; she was very down to earth. She has a very practical and different way of explaining life situations. I honestly look at certain things in my life differently because of her. She was always respectful and encouraging. I feel more confident about myself and my decisions. The Naturopathic doctor’s presentation was excellent, due to that I am eating healthier, and I am feeling better physically and mentally. I also enjoyed the information on alcohol and drugs how they affect our body. I enjoyed the Franklin Reality Model it helped me look at my beliefs and how changing them would help me change my life. After learning this, I realized why I keep jumping in the same situations and expecting different results. I would recommend this treatment program to anyone who needs to have a different life. I am going to continue with therapy here to stick with my recovery. Thank you.
My initial expectation was that I would hear the same stuff I had always heard and that I would just go through the motions. The actual results have been life changing I enjoyed the educational and the alternative treatments such as nutrition, yoga, and diet. The most beneficial to me were the one on one’s where I could talk out the reasoning of my reactions that create situations. I feel that in the groups are encouraged to interact with discussions people and worksheets. The one on one’s are very specialized on certain smaller aspects that are either good or bad areas in life and how to improve the situation or build on top of success.
At Safe Journeys, I enjoyed learning a lot about alcoholism. I think it was good to read the book and become familiar with the symptoms and effects of alcoholism. I learned that I need to look at myself as an individual and not have the need to worry about trying to fit in or trying to please others, I was sacrificing myself doing that. I need to continue to look at my perspectives and how I perceive things, and if they are not working our for me, then I have the ability to change. I am in control of my life. I feel better about myself. I have gained tools to use in my life and stay sober. I enjoyed the group discussions everyone got a chance to speak. I felt respected. I am in control of my life. I feel better about myself. I have gained tools to use in my life and stay sober.